Easter Craft Tray Ideas

Easter Sunday falls in April 20th this year and that’s plenty of time to get some Easter crafts ready to share as gifts amongst your family. Now spring’s here and the sun is out it’s a great time for crafting in the garden and with your Trabasack craft tray you have a safe and sturdy […]

Trabasack Kids Craft Tray Non-Slip Mat

Your Kids Craft Tray Bag

Arts and Crafts are an important factor in the development of children. Not only does creating bright pictures and chunky jewellery give themselves a chance to express themselves independently (and make themselves – and you – some fabulous new accessories) but it aids in promoting a healthy relationship with self-esteem. One of the ways to […]

micro macrame finished ring

Micro Macrame – making a ring with the Craft Tray bag

Macrame was big in the 70s to create wall hangings that no one quite understood, and bags that no one wanted to carry. But the techniques that it uses can be brought up to date and used to create beautiful jewelry with very little effort. For this micro macrame project making a ring, I used […]