Easter Craft Tray Ideas

Craft supplies in your Craft tray and bag

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Easter Sunday falls in April 20th this year and that’s plenty of time to get some Easter crafts ready to share as gifts amongst your family. Now spring’s here and the sun is out it’s a great time for crafting in the garden and with your Trabasack craft tray you have a safe and sturdy service to work from.

Tray Top Card Crafts

Giving and receiving cards shouldn’t be restricted to Christmas time. By collecting (or even creating!) Spring images along with some simple white card, you’ve provided yourself with all of the tools you need for some seasonally festive cards. Images should be bright and full of greens and yellows for a true Easter feel, or try something totally different to stand out from the crowd.

To aid yourself further in this craft, try a lap tray like the Trabasack; a spacious and wipe-clean surface to lay your materials out and piece them together with great comfort and ease.

Crafty Crochet

For the more adventurous crafter, try a knitted or crocheted egg cosy – in the shape of a bunny! Simple patterns (and even intricate ones if you feel like a challenge) can be found online or in seasonal craft magazines, and this skilful display is sure to bring glee to any friends and family who pop by. Turn your Easter crafting into a social event by inviting friends to come round for a chat while knitting “bunny cosies” right there in their laps.

Make your own Easter Bunnies

A great way to get the kids involved is to give Easter sock bunnies a try. Simply lay out some colourful (the brighter and more patterned, the better!) socks in front of you, carefully fill them with dry rice and use a rubber band to tie the top. Round off the top to create ears, tie a pretty ribbon around the “neck” and stick on some googly eyes – and there you have it! Easy Easter crafts that don’t take too long, but look brilliant when finished. The zip-up pouch on the Trabasack is ideal for storing scissors, ribbons and other craft materials safely, and keeps them to hand when you’re crafting with your lap tray.

Here’s a quick tutorial for making your own Easter bunnies:

The Best of the Bloggers

There are hundreds of craft tutorials and innovative ideas to try out across the web. Having a quick look around we’ve found some top crafts that you may want to give a go.

  • Easter Bunny Treat Cups from The Imagination Tree are fantastic for the kids and super simple to make. Their Bunny piñata is also a fantastic Easter treat for children.
  • Red Ted Art has a whole series of Egg Decorating posts but we’ve picked out this fun Easter Bunny Craft one as our favourite.
  • Mollie Makes is one of the leading craft magazines in the country and their fun Rabbit ear headband is a fab gift for the kids when it’s time for the annual egg hunt.

We also found this really great assortment of crafts on Pinterest thanks to Makes and Takes.

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The Trabasack is a unique and innovative craft tray design. The curved edge lies comfortably against your body, while the tray itself is spacious and robust – perfect for crafting! To buy your Trabasack and enhance your crafting experience, click here.

Your Kids Craft Tray Bag

Play dough for you Kids Craft Tray

Fun, easy crafts with clay and dough

Arts and Crafts are an important factor in the development of children. Not only does creating bright pictures and chunky jewellery give themselves a chance to express themselves independently (and make themselves – and you – some fabulous new accessories) but it aids in promoting a healthy relationship with self-esteem. One of the ways to encourage high self-esteem is to allow independence through creativity. Giving your child their own space to colour and make gives them the freedom to explore through art. The Trabasack is a lap tray which clips securely around your child’s waist, giving them a “table” to work on in any location. As well as the comfortable bean bag cushion, beneath the tray there is a secure pouch with a zip which is ideal for storing materials and supplies so that they are always on hand and less likely to get lost.


Top Crafts for Kids Craft Tray Play

Trabasack Kids Craft Tray Non-Slip Mat

Handy non-slip mat accessory for Trabasack

Hama Beads are the ideal table-top craft. Your child can get up close and personal with designs and, with the combination of the non-slip mat and the raised lip around the edges, the Trabasack provides a surface that will hold beads without them rolling away.

Many children love the focus and skill of using a French knitting doll – there are now sets available that are chunkier, making the work easier for smaller hands. As well as the tray being a handy place to lean the knitting on, the zip-up pouch is ideal for carrying the equipment around. Wool can also be woven around the D-rings around the Kids Craft Tray bag, freeing up your child’s hand if they find it difficult.

Friendship bracelets are another great way to use the Trabasack, as the kids craft tray bag provides a soft, velour surface on which to lay beads and thread out in various colour combinations and styles.

The zip-up pouch is ideal for carrying the equipment safely and securely. If your child loves play dough, then the waterproof non-slip mat for the Trabasack Curve is the ideal personal table. Not only is the tray large enough for them to create some great models, but the wipe-clean surface makes life easier for you too. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with good, old-fashioned drawing. Carry your paper and pens in the Trabasack so that it is always on hand and, using the Trabasack Mini your child will have a compact yet sturdy surface on which to colour and create. Our range of Trabasacks are a great idea for any crafts you love and want to pass onto your kids.



The New Media Mount from Trabasack

Ideal for your Crafting Needs

The Media Mount is a multi purpose mount that can be used to support books, sketch pads or Kindles and i Pads at an angle on the craft tray bag. Alternatively it can be used as a pin cushion around the rim of the Craft Tray Bag. Or wrap it around an awkward shape that you may be working on the secure it in place on the tray top. The Media Mount can be twisted into any shape and will stick to itself! It is made from soft velour fabric that is Velcro receptive. There is a strip of ‘hook’ Velcro along the underside which sticks to the velour to create whatever shape is required. There are lots of  ways the Media Mount can help busy craft makers, the possibilities are endless and we’re really excited about our new product being launched and reaching our customers!

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Multi purpose craft mount

The Media Mount: A Close-Up

The new Media Mount is described as a flexible and multi-purpose mounting device and it is definitely both those things. It can support a whole range of different items as the
image shows and you can use it innovatively and also in conjunction with your Trabasack’s Connect tray surface. The Media Mount, like the Connect surface, is made from soft hook and loop receptive fabric and also has an additional Velcro strip along one side which allows it to connect simply and easily to the tray surface. Also attached are easy to manipulate grab handles which all you to reposition and flex the Media Mount into its many different positions. It’s an addition that anyone using a Trabasack should consider a Mount to get the most from using their original product.

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Twist the mount to any shape

The Media Mount and your Trabasack Craft Tray and Bag

We have already discussed in several posts how Trabasack is a perfect option for use as a bag and tray for your craft hobbies, be it beading or a whole range of different crafting hobbies. This new Media Mount addition could be used as a further support for your hobby and making it even more straightforward and enjoyable. As mentioned, it can provide an extra support for your instructional guides or knitting patterns, holding them in place as you work or it could even be used to keep separate elements of your project apart. There are plenty of uses for the new Mount and within a few days use you’ll see exactly how versatile it can be. Customers are already coming back to us with more ideas for its use that we hadn’t even thought of and reviews are coming in thick and fast describing that new creation as excellent and multi-functional and adds considerable extra usage to the Trabasack without increasing its weight.

Currently, the Media Mount is available via the Trabasack website, with a retailer-wide launch expected within the next few weeks.

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Large pin cushion and tray rim extension

Fantastic Sewing Accessories (including a sewing tray and quick unpick)

Fantastic Sewing Accessories (including a sewing tray and quick unpick)

If you’re a creative soul and have chosen sewing for your outlet, there are many great accessories which become an essential part of your kit.  If you’re a veteran, you probably know many of the basics but here we have compiled a list of some great accessories you may never have thought of. From an innovative sewing tray to the indispensible storage stackers, many of these items the savvy sewer just can’t live without:

–          Sewing Tray: have you ever considered your own laptop sewing tray rather than sewing table? If you live in a small home or simply don’t have space for your own designated crafting area, a sewing tray is the answer. Trabasack is an innovative lap tray and bag which can easily be used as your own sewing tray so you can work comfortably from your sofa, your kitchen table or anywhere you like!

–          Storage stackers: these are fantastic little cases in which you can store loose fasteners, pins or other bits and pieces. They’ll also fit comfortably inside the storage space of your Trabasack.

–          Bead and button organisers: these fantastic little boxes contain many separate compartments so you can keep your different buttons and beds away from each other. In a range of sizes you can find them with between 10 and 18 compartments and they’ll also slip easily inside your Trabasack.

–          Quick unpick: cheap and essential, the quick unpick can fix any little mistake as soon as it happens. A great invention and an essential piece of any sewing enthusiast’s kit.

–          Embroidery hoops: these come in a range of sizes and can be stored in your Trabasack when not in use and are great for circling and focussing on the particular area of work you’re concentrating on.

If sewing is your favourite past time there is no reason you can’t enjoy it from the comfort of your lounge, using a fantastic Trabasack sewing tray which also acts as a fantastic storage space for all your sewing accessories.

Making bead jewellery at home

Making bead jewellery at home

Whether you’re on the lookout for a new hobby or perhaps a small business venture, making bed jewellery at home is great past time. If you’re a naturally creative person you’ll flourish making your own jewellery and learning the skill involved.

Making bead jewellery at home is a great way of relaxing or can be the beginning of a new business venture. There are a few basics you’ll need if you’re a beginner and these include:

–          A beginner’s guide book or set of beading patterns – these are essential to understanding how to put together the initial beading designs that you can start with.

–          Beads – you can find specific beads in many different places: craft shops, bric-a-brac stores or most easily online.

–          Jewellery accessories – from clasps to wires, these are the essential bits and pieces you’ll need to turn a string of beads into a necklace or bracelet you can actually wear.

–          Wire cutters – specifically designed jewellery wire cutters are available so you can complete your work at a precise and exact level.

–          Crimping pliers – these allow you to precisely and deftly shape crimp beads for your jewellery.

Another decision you need to make it based on the space you have available to begin your hobby. It can be nice to set up a special crafting area but in the early days this can seem like a bit of an extreme move and you may be better opting for a more portable and convenient place to work from. Step up Trabasack! The innovative lap tray and bag which can easily and comfortably be used as a craft tray for making your jewellery at home. With a cushioned base and hard tray surface you can conveniently complete your beading whilst sat in front of the TV or anywhere else you may choose. Also, as your Trabasack is a bag too you can store all your accessories and tools inside when they’re not in use – ideal!

If you’re considering taking up beaded jewellery making, you should definitely consider a Trabasack as your work space and be sure to get all the bits and pieces you require!

Trabasack as a Hobby Tray

Trabasack as a Hobby Tray

If you’re a keen crafter or a budding beginner, chances are you’re building up a stash of different crafting materials, tools and paraphernalia. Whatever you’re interest, it can be difficult to practice your hobby if you live in confined space, have kids or simply just don’t have the room to convert into a crafting or hobby area. If this is the case, you have to consider a Trabasack. Trabasack can be used as both a storage place for all your wares and works-in-progress but its handy tray surface means it can act as a hobby tray too.

Whatever your hobby – Trabasack is a great accessory

With Trabasack as your hobby tray you can practice your hobby wherever you want. You can knit in from of the telly, crochet in the kitchen or comfortably complete bead work on the couch. It really does make it easier to craft wherever you wish and as your Trabasack is both a bag and tray you can use it on the move or pack it so you can continue with your latest craft on holiday or wherever you may be.

Having your own hobby tray is a real asset whether you’re a seasoned crafter or somebody just trying out a new hobby. If you’re anything like me it’s great to have all your essential bits and pieces in one place as it makes them harder to lose! Using your Trabasack as both a storage place for your tools as well as a work tray is just great.

Trabasack is ideal for all you crafters out there and really can help you enjoy your hobby in complete comfort at home or even on holiday or on the move!

Trabasack: the craft tray solution

Trabasack: the craft tray solution

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A Trabasack Craft Tray

There are many reasons why it could be hard to have your own designated craft room or area. It could be that you live in a small home, have small children who may start rifling through all your precious crafting tools and potentially hurt themselves or just simply don’t have the time to set a specific area up. Of course, these are just some of the reasons you may not be able to have your own craft area. But this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your crafting hobbies, simply buy a Trabasack craft tray and bag and keep your crafting hobby compactly inside it!

Trabasack is a fantastic craft tray and bag which means you can enjoy your crafting hobby whilst sat comfortably on your sofa, at your dining table or even in bed! You can enjoy your hobby at ease wherever you wish. Then when you’re done for the evening, you can happily pack up your crafting work and accesories inside the Trabasack’s bag compartment.

Trabasack Craft Tray allows you to enjoy your hobby in the comfort of your sitting room

It doesn’t matter what your craft is, from beadwork to knitting, Trabasack gives you the freedom to practice and indulge your hobby wherever you may be. You can really get to grips with your crafting hobby without feeling you’re cluttering up the dinner table or shutting yourself away from the family. You can enjoy your hobby in the comfort of your sitting room and you’ll probably find yourself more involved in it than you were previously!

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Utilising a Trabasack Craft Tray

Trabasack is a fantastic British invention which has a hard tray surface on one side and a soft beanbag cushion on the other to keep you comfortable when utilising the tray. The bag space is extremely spacious and it is a brilliant innovative invention, ideal for crafters of all kinds.

Trabasack is the craft tray solution for all!