Instructions for the Craft Tray Bag

Instructions for Craft Tray Bag

The following instructions are available as a PDF for sharing as a link at the bottom of the page:

The Trabasack Craft Tray Bag is a versatile lap tray and bag combined. A home grown British invention! It gives you the freedom to do art, craft, needlework or bead work on your lap wherever you are. There is space in the bag to store your craft work and it can be worn as a shoulder bag too.


The tray top has D rings on it for attaching threads and scissors or strings of beads. The D rings can also be used as an anchor point whilst creating a plait.


The Craft Tray Bag has a foam rim which can be used as a pin cushion. It also has a soft velour tray top that is great for keeping material patches or beads from rolling or slipping.


v     Shoulder bag and lap tray

v     Padded pin cushion rim

v     Internal zip pocket

v     Storage compartment


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 Download a PDF of this page with additional images here >            Trabasack Craft Tray Bag Instructions