The UK Motorhome & Caravan Autumn Fair Welcomes Trabasack

The Trabasack team will be exhibiting alongside Mountain Trike at The UK Motorhome & Caravan Autumn Fair 2012. Taking place on 1st and 2nd September at Newark Showground, both companies will be exhibiting their product ranges for all interested.

The Trabasack team are proud to announce that they’ll be exhibiting at the UK Motorhome & Caravan Autumn Fair at Newark Showground on September 1st and 2nd. The Mobility and Disability Aid Exhibitors area of the event is brand new this year and the Trabasack team are thrilled to be involved and to have the opportunity to show patrons exactly how useful their product range can be. All visitors to the event, will see exactly how multifunctional and all-purpose the Trabasack can be and how these products can be used by a range of different users for their caravanning and other leisure pursuits.

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The Autumn Fair show is the last UK Motorhome & Caravan Fair of 2012 and is open to day visitors, club rallies, weekend campers. There will be over 100 trade stands to attending.
An estimated 10,000 visitors came to the UK Motorhome & Caravan Autumn Fair show in 2011. The Autumn Fair is the perfect event to find your next motorhome or caravan, and is especially suited to first-time buyers who are able to experience and view a huge range of styles and models.
The 2012 Autumn Fair show is great value – a Day Ticket are just £5 before the event or Weekend Camping is only £40 in advance, which includes some fantastic free entertainment in the evening!

The Trabasack team will be sharing their stand with one of their partners from the business network Kandu Group, Mountain Trike. Products from both companies will be available to test and representatives from each company will be on hand to answer any questions.

Trabasack – Bag a Table Anywhere

The Trabasack lap tray and bag product range is designed with universality in mind. Early adopters included wheelchair users who realised how fantastic the products were as wheelchair lap trays but in fact, the Trabasack is a wholly multiuse product and an ideal space saving device for your holidays and general caravan pursuits.

The Trabasack products combine a bag compartment and sturdy lap tray, ideal for use as a food tray at campsites when space is tight and you’re dining al fresco. What’s more, if you’re planning a hike or countryside excursion, Trabasack is ideal for packing your essential bits and bobs in the bag compartment and when you stop for a snack or to engage in any artistic pursuit perhaps, you can use your Trabasack as a portable table. Small and compact, as well as extremely lightweight, the Trabasack product range is designed with all potential users in mind and the range of carry options, additional straps and Velcro-friendly Connect surface option make it appeal to a wide audience. What’s more the hardy canvas material is both waterproof and durable, making the product fantastic for use in all environments.

The Trabasack team are pleased to be at the Motorhome and Caravan Fair to offer their product to a wide audience and show how useful it can be, for a wide range of users from those wanting a safe place to keep their hot drink round the campfire, to artists needing a flat surface for their sketch pad whilst up in the moors.

Mountain Trike – the All-terrain Wheelchair Company

Mountain Trike markets itself as the active chair for active people and offers users the chance to venture out in any terrain, widening opportunities and accessibility. They both sell and rent out their trikes and the extra functionality provided by the product is in addition, not instead of, the regular functionality you would expect from a standard wheelchair. Developed initially as a university engineering product, things are only getting better for the company and anyone interested in seeing their product and the versatility it provides, is welcome to approach the stand at the Motorhome Fair.
The chance to exhibit their product at an event aimed at the general public gives the Mountain Trike team a chance to show how their trike allows wheelchair users to access all the same activities as those who aren’t and how enjoying pursuits such as caravanning are not restricted or inaccessible.

Both Trabasack and Mountain Trike will be happy to answer any questions and provide any information about their product ranges at the Motorhome and Caravan Fair in Newark and look forward to seeing you there.

Getting there:

Newark Showground, Winthorpe, Newark-On-Trent, Nottinghamshire NG24 2NY

By Road:

The Showground is situated adjacent to the junction of the A1, A46 and A17 trunk roads, giving easy access to the country’s major road networks.

By Train:

East Coast Mainline Train stops at Newark Northgate station only 10 minutes form the fair. Travel by train from London in 90 minutes. A Grimsby to Nottingham line offers connections to the Midlands at Newark Castlegate Station.


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To Buy a camping tray

Fantastic Sewing Accessories (including a sewing tray and quick unpick)

Fantastic Sewing Accessories (including a sewing tray and quick unpick)

If you’re a creative soul and have chosen sewing for your outlet, there are many great accessories which become an essential part of your kit.  If you’re a veteran, you probably know many of the basics but here we have compiled a list of some great accessories you may never have thought of. From an innovative sewing tray to the indispensible storage stackers, many of these items the savvy sewer just can’t live without:

–          Sewing Tray: have you ever considered your own laptop sewing tray rather than sewing table? If you live in a small home or simply don’t have space for your own designated crafting area, a sewing tray is the answer. Trabasack is an innovative lap tray and bag which can easily be used as your own sewing tray so you can work comfortably from your sofa, your kitchen table or anywhere you like!

–          Storage stackers: these are fantastic little cases in which you can store loose fasteners, pins or other bits and pieces. They’ll also fit comfortably inside the storage space of your Trabasack.

–          Bead and button organisers: these fantastic little boxes contain many separate compartments so you can keep your different buttons and beds away from each other. In a range of sizes you can find them with between 10 and 18 compartments and they’ll also slip easily inside your Trabasack.

–          Quick unpick: cheap and essential, the quick unpick can fix any little mistake as soon as it happens. A great invention and an essential piece of any sewing enthusiast’s kit.

–          Embroidery hoops: these come in a range of sizes and can be stored in your Trabasack when not in use and are great for circling and focussing on the particular area of work you’re concentrating on.

If sewing is your favourite past time there is no reason you can’t enjoy it from the comfort of your lounge, using a fantastic Trabasack sewing tray which also acts as a fantastic storage space for all your sewing accessories.

Making bead jewellery at home

Making bead jewellery at home

Whether you’re on the lookout for a new hobby or perhaps a small business venture, making bed jewellery at home is great past time. If you’re a naturally creative person you’ll flourish making your own jewellery and learning the skill involved.

Making bead jewellery at home is a great way of relaxing or can be the beginning of a new business venture. There are a few basics you’ll need if you’re a beginner and these include:

–          A beginner’s guide book or set of beading patterns – these are essential to understanding how to put together the initial beading designs that you can start with.

–          Beads – you can find specific beads in many different places: craft shops, bric-a-brac stores or most easily online.

–          Jewellery accessories – from clasps to wires, these are the essential bits and pieces you’ll need to turn a string of beads into a necklace or bracelet you can actually wear.

–          Wire cutters – specifically designed jewellery wire cutters are available so you can complete your work at a precise and exact level.

–          Crimping pliers – these allow you to precisely and deftly shape crimp beads for your jewellery.

Another decision you need to make it based on the space you have available to begin your hobby. It can be nice to set up a special crafting area but in the early days this can seem like a bit of an extreme move and you may be better opting for a more portable and convenient place to work from. Step up Trabasack! The innovative lap tray and bag which can easily and comfortably be used as a craft tray for making your jewellery at home. With a cushioned base and hard tray surface you can conveniently complete your beading whilst sat in front of the TV or anywhere else you may choose. Also, as your Trabasack is a bag too you can store all your accessories and tools inside when they’re not in use – ideal!

If you’re considering taking up beaded jewellery making, you should definitely consider a Trabasack as your work space and be sure to get all the bits and pieces you require!

Trabasack as a Hobby Tray

Trabasack as a Hobby Tray

If you’re a keen crafter or a budding beginner, chances are you’re building up a stash of different crafting materials, tools and paraphernalia. Whatever you’re interest, it can be difficult to practice your hobby if you live in confined space, have kids or simply just don’t have the room to convert into a crafting or hobby area. If this is the case, you have to consider a Trabasack. Trabasack can be used as both a storage place for all your wares and works-in-progress but its handy tray surface means it can act as a hobby tray too.

Whatever your hobby – Trabasack is a great accessory

With Trabasack as your hobby tray you can practice your hobby wherever you want. You can knit in from of the telly, crochet in the kitchen or comfortably complete bead work on the couch. It really does make it easier to craft wherever you wish and as your Trabasack is both a bag and tray you can use it on the move or pack it so you can continue with your latest craft on holiday or wherever you may be.

Having your own hobby tray is a real asset whether you’re a seasoned crafter or somebody just trying out a new hobby. If you’re anything like me it’s great to have all your essential bits and pieces in one place as it makes them harder to lose! Using your Trabasack as both a storage place for your tools as well as a work tray is just great.

Trabasack is ideal for all you crafters out there and really can help you enjoy your hobby in complete comfort at home or even on holiday or on the move!

Arts & Craft Makers

The Craft lap tray and bag is a British designed innovation by Trabasack.


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Quality Craft lap tray and bag



As it’s name suggests it is bag with a lap tray sew into one of the sides.

The Craft lap tray bag gives you the freedom to work on your lap wherever

you are and store  your craft work and accessories safely in the bag too!


“Arts and Craft Makers Choice”



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Craft tray accessories



” I love using my Craft tray bag when sketching out new ideas”

Susan Olumide    2011