Your Kids Craft Tray Bag

Play dough for you Kids Craft Tray

Fun, easy crafts with clay and dough

Arts and Crafts are an important factor in the development of children. Not only does creating bright pictures and chunky jewellery give themselves a chance to express themselves independently (and make themselves – and you – some fabulous new accessories) but it aids in promoting a healthy relationship with self-esteem. One of the ways to encourage high self-esteem is to allow independence through creativity. Giving your child their own space to colour and make gives them the freedom to explore through art. The Trabasack is a lap tray which clips securely around your child’s waist, giving them a “table” to work on in any location. As well as the comfortable bean bag cushion, beneath the tray there is a secure pouch with a zip which is ideal for storing materials and supplies so that they are always on hand and less likely to get lost.


Top Crafts for Kids Craft Tray Play

Trabasack Kids Craft Tray Non-Slip Mat

Handy non-slip mat accessory for Trabasack

Hama Beads are the ideal table-top craft. Your child can get up close and personal with designs and, with the combination of the non-slip mat and the raised lip around the edges, the Trabasack provides a surface that will hold beads without them rolling away.

Many children love the focus and skill of using a French knitting doll – there are now sets available that are chunkier, making the work easier for smaller hands. As well as the tray being a handy place to lean the knitting on, the zip-up pouch is ideal for carrying the equipment around. Wool can also be woven around the D-rings around the Kids Craft Tray bag, freeing up your child’s hand if they find it difficult.

Friendship bracelets are another great way to use the Trabasack, as the kids craft tray bag provides a soft, velour surface on which to lay beads and thread out in various colour combinations and styles.

The zip-up pouch is ideal for carrying the equipment safely and securely. If your child loves play dough, then the waterproof non-slip mat for the Trabasack Curve is the ideal personal table. Not only is the tray large enough for them to create some great models, but the wipe-clean surface makes life easier for you too. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with good, old-fashioned drawing. Carry your paper and pens in the Trabasack so that it is always on hand and, using the Trabasack Mini your child will have a compact yet sturdy surface on which to colour and create. Our range of Trabasacks are a great idea for any crafts you love and want to pass onto your kids.