Trabasack as a Hobby Tray

Trabasack as a Hobby Tray

If you’re a keen crafter or a budding beginner, chances are you’re building up a stash of different crafting materials, tools and paraphernalia. Whatever you’re interest, it can be difficult to practice your hobby if you live in confined space, have kids or simply just don’t have the room to convert into a crafting or hobby area. If this is the case, you have to consider a Trabasack. Trabasack can be used as both a storage place for all your wares and works-in-progress but its handy tray surface means it can act as a hobby tray too.

Whatever your hobby – Trabasack is a great accessory

With Trabasack as your hobby tray you can practice your hobby wherever you want. You can knit in from of the telly, crochet in the kitchen or comfortably complete bead work on the couch. It really does make it easier to craft wherever you wish and as your Trabasack is both a bag and tray you can use it on the move or pack it so you can continue with your latest craft on holiday or wherever you may be.

Having your own hobby tray is a real asset whether you’re a seasoned crafter or somebody just trying out a new hobby. If you’re anything like me it’s great to have all your essential bits and pieces in one place as it makes them harder to lose! Using your Trabasack as both a storage place for your tools as well as a work tray is just great.

Trabasack is ideal for all you crafters out there and really can help you enjoy your hobby in complete comfort at home or even on holiday or on the move!

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